Building your Bulletproof Business Case for AR Automation  

Tuesday, October 24th 11am ET | 4pm BST

"If it isn’t broken, why fix it?” — Your CFO 

Your CFO may ask this question when you mention investing in AR automation. But have they ever wondered... 

...What if our cash could flow faster? 
...What if we could collect more AND avoid borrowing at high rates? 
...What if, in the process of collecting cash faster, my employees and customers were happier? 

These are proven benefits of the technology. For you to enjoy them, we’re going to help you get your boss on board! 

Join our webinar to build your bulletproof AR automation business case. You will discover: 

  • The state of AR today and why it’s high time for change 
  • An expert’s advice on how to start an automation project 
  • The research you need to provide to justify your case 
  • How to onboard your obvious (and hidden) stakeholders 
  • An objective ROI example of AR automation  
  • Case study examples that bring the value of AR automation to life
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Mark Brousseau

President, Brousseau & Associates

Mark Brousseau is a noted analyst, speaker, writer and marketer, with more than 21 years of experience in advising leading providers of financial operations solutions and services. 
Mark is president of Brousseau & Associates, a full-service strategic marketing and business development consultancy with the largest client base of any firm of its kind. Brousseau & Associates counts among its clients many top solutions and services providers in the payables, receivables, payments, document management, and healthcare verticals.  

Sarah-Jayne Martin

Director of Global AR Practice at Quadient

Sarah-Jayne (SJ) Martin has worked in B2B finance leadership roles for over 20 years, managing the order to cash process for several global firms. In her career, SJ has seen innovations in finance technology and has gained professional experience implementing automated solutions to drive improvements in cash flow, employee, and customer experiences. 

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