Accounts Receivable Automation for Transportation and Logistics Firms 

Intelligently automate the entire order-to-cash process while reducing DSO and boosting your B2B finance team's efficiency


Average reduction in DSO


Increase in productivity


Forecasting Accuracy

Haul your credit-to-cash process in the right direction with Quadient AR Automation  

From skyline to shoreline, you are the gateway to managing and transporting resources to their final destination in the supply chain. Quadient AR by YayPay lightens the load by making your accounts receivable process 3X more efficient — improving customer experience and accelerating your cash flow. 

End-to-end visibility

Put all your data in one place to gain complete transparency across your AR portfolio and enable your team to work productively, no matter where they are based.

Advanced Cash Application

Eliminate time wasted on manual cash application. Automatically allocate cash back to your ERP — whether remittance data is included or not — for increased accuracy, higher productivity, and reduced risk of manual errors.

Improved Control

Using a manual process to keep track of records? With a centralized collections and communications history, you can see all customer interactions to easily monitor outstanding receivables and stay in control.

Stay ahead

Predict payor behavior with 94% forecasting accuracy to head off payment problems, visualize cash flow, and plan intelligently for the future.

Trusted to Process $37.3 Billion in AR Last Year


With rising costs and a shortage of truckers, it’s crucial that transportation and logistics customers optimize their cash flow and forecasting. Quadient AR provides the tools you need to navigate the road ahead.
Discover cash flow tips that will keep your logistics company king of the road.
Transparency in the receivables process has become business-critical, particularly when it comes to the ability to anticipate payments. Learn how to achieve it.

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