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4pm GMT

AR and AP cyber security trends and solutions every finance leader needs to know about

Cyber Security is instrumental in preventing losses, but is it just a concern for your IT team? Why should AR and AP teams care and how can the finance team help prevent cyber attacks and mitigate their impact? We will tackle these questions and more with this week’s guest speaker Trafenia Salzman who has years of experience in this space. Here are some of the questions we will answer:


  • What is the role of cyber security in AR and AP?
  • What up-and-coming compliance and regulatory challenges will impact finance teams?
  • What trends should finance teams be aware of?
  • What is the impact of manual processes on security?
  • What impact will the rise of AI have on risk management?
  • What are the key risk strategies for CFOs?


Trafenia Salzman
Trafenia Salzman

Co-founder and CEO at Sittadel

Being in cybersecurity and technology for over 10 years, Trafenia knows a thing or two about ensuring the safety of hardware, software and networks, with the latest legislations and emerging technologies in mind. Not only that, but she is on a personal mission to save people’s jobs by empowering them to do what they are good at. She can’t help but empower her team, clients and even family to help them reach their potential. That filters into everything that she does as a leader at Sittadel and beyond.