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A day in a life of a tech-driven AR team

In this session, our guest Laurence Gallais shares her journey as a Global Collections Analyst and her experience on how a tech-driven and motivated AR team can go the extra mile and become a valuable business partner to various other functions within a business.


  • How can teams keep up with the growing business demands?
  • What are the key challenges faced by AR teams on a daily basis?
  • What can you do as an AR and finance leader, to motivate and foster a high performing team?
  • How can automation empower AR teams?
  • How can emerging technologies like AI be leveraged by the finance team in a positive way?
  • What strategies can AR teams adopt in order to bring value to the wider business?
Laurence Gallais
Laurence Gallais

Global Collections Analyst
at Cheetah Digital UK

An experienced AR leader, Laurence is the driving force behind Cheetah Digital’s financial automation and transformation journey. Specialising in streamlining processes within the global collections function and with practical experience inside a world-class finance team, Laurence will share her journey in O2C transformation as well as being a female leader and her take on empowering women in finance.